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All BUZZ! 4 Bugs products contain Organic Cedarwood Oil, an EPA minimum-risk pesticide historically known for its potent insect neutralizing capabilities and pheromone diffusion. 

The extraction process of the cedarwood oil used in BUZZ! 4 Bugs Biting Bug Spray is an organic compliant distillation process. This is important. "Organic" compliant means that extraction of the oil is accomplished either by means of pressing out or distilling the oils [without the use of chemicals]. In contrast, when chemicals are used to extract the oil from the wood, the cedar oil is considered a "natural," product, but not an organic product.

BUZZ! 4 Bugs Biting Bug Spray is “the alternative” to bug repellent spray products that contain harmful nerve toxins like DEET, Fiprinol, Nitenpyram, Pyrethrin, Permethrin, Ivermectin or Selamectin. It is a much better alternative to chemical products such as: Capstar, Lufenuron, Revolution, Riddex, Kwell, FrontLine, Advantage, Permethrin, Bedlam, Phantom, Suspend, and Pyrethrins [Bio Spot, Zodiac, Bayer K9 Advantix, Vectra 3D, Defend and Hartz].

Biting Bug Spray can be used directly on human and animal life, and it will not stain clothing, camping gear, or melt plastic gear items like DEET will do. It can be used as a repellent or as a spray application for surface areas including but not limited to skin, hair, clothing, wood, hardwood floors, tile and linoleum floors, cloth or leather furniture, mattress and box springs, air ducts, carpet, plaster board, kitchen counters and inside cupboards and pantry areas. Basically, it can be applied onto any surface other than plant life. It works great in the pantry and cupboards for control of cereal beetles and other pests, and will not stain, or attract dirt.

Biting Bug Spray can rid your pet of ear mites, mange mites (Demodectic and Sarcoptic), fleas (including sand fleas) and ticks; and the inert 4A and cosmetic grade carriers in Biting Bug Spray soothe the skin... Just keep it away from the eyes to avoid irritation.*

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