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Replaces Chemical Pesticides and Termiticides. Safe for all Bee Pollinators, Beneficial Insects, Lady Bugs, Butterflies and Geckos.

BUZZ! 4 Bugs Yard Shield contains Pure, Natural Cedarwood Oil [an EPA minimum-risk pesticide historically known for its potent insect neutralizing capabilities and pheromone diffusion], ethyl lactate [an EPA rated 4A GRAS list inert ingredient], and an inert surfactant. The ingredients in Yard Shield are designed to work synergistically when mixed with large amounts of water.
Have you ever thought of how wonderful it would be to host an outdoor wedding or a backyard BBQ, or even just to have friends over on a cool summer’s evening without being eaten alive by mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas and gnats? Oh, you say you have an outdoor flea infestation? Yard Shield is the answer to all of the above.
A Non Toxic, Outdoor Pest Control Product for Control of a Long List of Unwanted Pests:
Yard Shield and large amounts of water will control the following pests: Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Chiggers, Mosquitoes, Mealy Bugs, Spider Mites, White Flies, Scale, Army Worms, Aphids, Fire Ants, Japanese Beetles, Grubs, Snails, Slugs, Stink Bugs, Bag Worms, Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Grasshoppers, Mole Crickets, Mediterranean Fruit Flies, Citrus Rust Mites, Termites and others. It also may be effective on fungal and turf-yellowing diseases.  

Yard Shield will destroy both egg and larvae in standing water and other areas, and may control grubs in turf areas, on sod farms, or on golf courses experiencing subterranean infestations. And, Yard Shield can be an excellent scorpion, rat and venomous snake repellent. 
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