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Feed your canine companion the goodness of Jiminy’s Cricket Crave Dry Dog Food! This nutritious, eco-friendly kibble is oven-baked in small batches with real, wholesome ingredients, including cricket protein powder, oats, quinoa, sweet potato, along with other plant-based ingredients. And since this kibble is oven-baked and not extruded (cooked with high pressure and extreme heat), it helps preserve all the nutrients and ensures a less processed food. Your dog will love this digestible, yummy-tasting dry dog food!

Key Benefits
  • Vet-formulated, minimally processed, all-natural kibble that’s complete and balanced and oven-baked in the USA.
  • Cricket protein supports healthy muscle development while complex carbs like sweet potato promote gut health and provide energy to help you hound stay active. Cricket protein is high in omegas, fiber, iron and provides a natural source of taurine and prebiotics.
  • This dry food is a great option for dogs with food allergies and it also supports healthy digestion, a healthy appetite and promotes healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
  • Sustainable and humane.
  • Made without corn, wheat, soy or chicken (or poultry.)
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