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Your cat will love playing with these Organic Catnip Gummy Bears! These are styled after iconic gummy bear candies...FUN!! These kitty candies will have your cat drooling, hugging, rubbing and biting since they are packed with organic catnip.

Each gummy bear toy is handmade, sewn in small batches (never glued!) of fleece and/or felt then stuffed with high potency, certified organic catnip. A touch of fiber fill gives the little bears poof and squishiness.

Since these are handmade, the detailing on the gummy bears you receive will be different than the ones in the photo but rest assured your little bears will be just as fun!

Miso Handmade uses a super potent catnip that is made in the USA.

Measures 3 1/4" x 2".

Sewn of vegan felt, fleece, organic catnip and a touch of fiber fill.

Assorted colors.

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