Just because something is for your pet, doesn't mean it needs to be ugly.  Why do pet products need to announce who they are for, covered in paws, bones, fish or mice?  Rosie Bunny Bean, named after our albino chihuahua mix, Rosie aka Bunny and/or Bean, began as a wholesale business in 2013 with the mission to create aesthetically pleasing pet products.  Products that can be seamlessly incorporated in to your lifestyle and home instead of hidden away. Rosie Bunny Bean beds and blankets are designed to be comfortable, durable, loved and lived with, even if your home is (sigh) without a pet. Everything Rosie Bunny Bean is locally sourced and crafted by hand in Downtown Los Angeles.  



A donut brought us to York Blvd in Highland Park.  We kept coming back,  quickly realizing the neighborhood had a lot of pets but no local pet supply store.  Having over a decade of experience in the retail pet business, living nearby and looking for a local place to shop for our own pets, Rosie Bunny Bean Urban Pet Provisions was soon born.  We bring to our store the same passion, thought and quality that we do to our line of products. It is our mission to offer the best, most unique, well rounded selection of products for dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens plus the personal knowledge behind each choice.  We're AWESOME.  It says so on our door.



All Rosie Bunny Bean operations are overseen by our furry family: Rosie, a unicorn in an albino chihuahua mix body, is our namesake. Without her, our business would have a different name or we'd have different jobs.  Blanche, the tiny old broad, is our 15 year old, 6 pound chihuahua and our most vocal supporter.  Kidd, the bull s*#t, is the newest "kid" on the block.  He's still learning the ropes but catching on quick.  Trouble Guy, the name says it all.  The first "meow" we hear in the morning and the last one we hear at night.  Newton, our 20 pound linebacker of a cat, is the biggest baby in the house with the best "peep".