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Lure your kitty to play with the PURRfect Wispy Bouncy Cat Teaser Toy!

Featuring all-natural peacock flue, this entertaining cat toy is a must-have for all pet parents who want their kitties to take less cat naps and have more playtime fun during the day! This PURRfect Cat Teaser is designed with a flexible cord that creates bouncy movements to capture your pet’s attention and keep their interest in the toy. The wand is made of durable material for long-lasting use.


Key Benefits

  • Cat teaser toy made with wispy peacock flue
  • All-natural and naturally treated peacock feathers
  • Natural scent of peacock attracts your pet and stimulates their hunting instinct
  • Flexible, yet durable, Flex Cord to create bouncy movements to entice cat to play
  • Great toy to use to keep your cat active while indoors and bond with them
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