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You take your dog for a long walk, he gets thirsty and you begin to wonder how to get him clean drinking water. Sounds familiar? You wish you had a water bottle for him? Here is one and it's called Handi Drink. A portable drinking water bottle, it is easy to use and can be carried anywhere. Handi Drink was recently awarded the Best New Dog Product Editors Choice Award by Dog Fancy Magazine. 

Handi Drink, a lightweight instant drinker for dogs is ideal for outdoor trips like walks, hikes, drives, picnics, etc. The bottle holds 17 or 24 ounces of water and does not leak or spill. The water smoothly flows out into the wraparound tray. It is made of safe and durable plastic that needs absolutely no backwash. The water doesn't get wasted either. So while your pet remains hydrated during long summer hours, you can stop worrying about the source of the drink. The bottle comes with a 60 shoulder strap and a non-slip belt clip for ease of transport. You can also stuff the bottle into your pocket, or stove it in your glove box, handbag or luggage.

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