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Ultra Monthly Monitor crystals contain pH indicators that help cat owners tell if their cat may be suffering from a common condition called FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease). Monthly Monitor works with all types of litters including clay, silica gel, corn, wheat, pine and paper.

Once per month cat owners pour Monthly Monitor on top of a freshly changed litter box. Then after the cat urinates in the litter box the pH indicators in Monthly Monitor change color. The cat owner simply compares the color of the crystals at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each bag to determine the approximate pH range. For accuracy this should be done as soon as the cat leaves the litter box (within 10 minutes).

If the color indicates a urine pH in the low or high range the cat owner should contact their cat's veterinarian for advice on how to proceed. Cats typically do not show signs they are ill until their condition is serious. Often cats suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease (FLUTD) go undiagnosed. FLUTD is most common in cats 3 years and older. Particularly in neutered male cats as they get older. Urine pH is a reliable predictor of urinary track health.

Monthly Monitor with Health Indicator Crystals gives cat owners a way to monitor their cat's urine pH each month. Finding abnormalities in the urine pH early allows correction before the FLUTD becomes serious. The occurrence of FLUTD increases with age so the older a consumer's cat is the higher the need for diagnostic litter additive. 



  • Simply pour on top of a newly filled litter box
  • After your cat uses the litter box, wait at least 10 minutes
  • Compare the color of the Monthly Monitor Crystals to this color scale:

  • If the Crystals are an abnormal color, it is recommended you contact your veterinarian
  • If the Crystals are a normal color, it’s okay to stir them in with your litter to help control odor 


Important Notice

Ultra Monthly Monitor cannot detect every urinary abnormality, only your cat’s veterinarian can undertake such a diagnosis. Ultra Monthly Monitor is NOT for “at home diagnosis” and should NEVER be used as a substitute for veterinary care!

If you feel your cat is having health or urinary problems contact your veterinarian even if the Ultra Monthly Monitor has not shown colors in the low or high pH ranges

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