Frequently Asked Questions
1 Curbside Pickup
1.1 How long does it take for my Curbside Pickup to be ready?

Your order is guaranteed for pickup the same day as long as it is placed before 5:00pm. Orders placed after 5:00pm will be fulfilled the next day.


Orders are typically ready within one to two hours. You will receive an email with instructions when it is ready to pick up.


1.2 How do I pick up my order?

When you receive an email stating that your order is ready for pickup, head on over!


Call the store to let us know you're out front and we'll bring the items out and place them in your trunk or back seat. All we'll need from you is the name on your order and the make and color of your car.


1.3 Why don't you deliver or ship?

We are currently not set up for delivery or shipping for a handful of reasons.


For instance, many of the smaller brands we carry don't allow for delivery, as their focus is on physical, independent brick-and-mortar stores. As a small business in a family-focused neighborhood, we believe it's important to attract families and their pets to our actual place of business.


And because we're such a small operation, delivery just doesn't work for us logistically... for now.


1.4 I picked up my order and an item is missing/incorrect. What do I do?

We tried hiring a team of robots to pull and pack orders, but it didn't take long for them to revolt. After a long and arduous battle, we gave the responsibility back to our human staff members.


Since they're human, mistakes can sometimes happen. We'll happily check on a missing or incorrect item and take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. Just give us a call or send us an email within 24 hours of picking up your order.


Don't worry: employees who make the same mistake more than once have been threatened with public flogging.


2 Items for Purchase
2.1 I don't see the items I usually buy in-store. What gives?

We are adding our inventory to our website as quickly as possible. As we try to be thorough when it comes to photos, product descriptions, ingredient panels, etc., this takes time.


Trust that our online inventory will be updated in due time.


2.2 I want a tag for my dog/cat. Why can't I order one online?

We love making hand-stamped tags for our customers' furry friends! We've also got 80+ options for custom engraved tags. 


Our eCommerce platform doesn't allow for customized items like dog tags, so we can only sell them in-store for the time being.


2.3 Why don't you carry a particular brand?

We go through a strict vetting process with the products we bring into our store.


When it comes to food, we look for a few key factors: 
1. Does it contain any corn, wheat, soy, by-products or chemical preservatives?
2. Are any ingredients made in or sourced from China?


If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then our answer is no. We also like to be sure that the quality of acceptable ingredients is up to snuff. Are the farms they source from Certified Humane® or Global Animal Partnership rated? Is the fishery Ocean Wise® recommended? Not only is our pets' quality of life important to us, but animal welfare from the top down is of utmost importance. Not all brands we carry go the extra step of being certified/rated, but do show documentation verifying their animal welfare standards.


If a brand meets these standards, their products will go through taste tests with our own pets – and often our regular customers' pets. Only then do we consider making space in our small shop for new brands.


When it comes to grooming, wellness and supplements, toys, etc., our primary goal is to show you unique products that you can't find at every corner pet store or big box store. We like to set ourselves apart. Yes, you'll see some well-known brands like NaturVet and Fluff & Tuff, but you'll also see small, Mom and Pop brands like Mia's Closet Shop and 4Legger.


3 Loyalty & Frequent Buyer Programs
3.1 Will my online purchases be added to my Loyalty account?

In short, yes. If you use the same phone number for your online account that we have on file at the store, your accounts will sync and you'll receive your points.


If your phone number doesn't match, or if we don't have a phone number on file at the store, it will see you as two separate customers. If you're not sure whether we have your phone number on file, call us and we'll check for you!


3.2 The food I bought is part of a Frequent Buyer Program. Will my online purchase count toward this?

Provided the account you use to make your online purchase syncs with your Loyalty account we have in-store, yes. We manually update this when every order comes in.


3.3 I signed up for an online account without using my Loyalty. Can you help?

Heck yeah! Give us a call at (323) 274-4469 and we can merge accounts.


4 Rescues & Adoptions
4.1 When is your next adoption event?

Due to the effects of COVID-19 and our attempts to practice social distancing, we have halted all in-store adoption events for the foreseeable future. 


The good news is that because most people are isolated at home, they're adopting new pets to help keep them company. This has created a short supply for many rescues and shelters – something totally unprecedented. That means we'd be hard pressed to find an organization with available animals to bring to our store.


When we resume hosting adoption events, we'll share that information here and on our social media profiles.


4.2 I want to adopt a new pet. Who do you recommend I contact?

We host adoption events for a handful of awesome rescues and shelters. Here are some links to help you in your search:


Kitten Rescue LA: Website | Instagram | Facebook

A Purposeful Rescue: Website | Instagram | Facebook

SNPLA: Website | Instagram | Facebook

North Central Center Animal Shelter: Website | Instagram | Facebook

5 Vendor Submissions
5.1 I represent a product you should carry. Who should I contact?

Send an email to us and we'll be happy to help you out. We get requests from multiple reps daily, so please be patient.