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2:1 Keto formula! Our 2:1 (fat:protein) therapeutic recipe has even more healthy fats to promote Ketosis - a natural metabolic state.

We see an alarming rise of metabolic disease in dogs, so we’re doing something about it. Supporting pet parents, independent pet stores & holistic practitioners in their fight against canine cancer, obesity, diabetes & epilepsy.

We formulated this recipe with your dog’s metabolism in mind. Dogs consuming a low fat raw diet, or kibble, have one thing in common: their body will enter glycolysis (i.e. metabolic state relying on carbs for fuel triggering an insulin response). This is why we advocate for fat forward, moderate protein and very low carb diets for dogs - Mother Nature calls this KETO!

With rising disease rates, there’s a rising need for natural therapeutic tools. While we know that carbohydrate filled foods can worsen disease states, sadly, pet parents were left with very few healthful options - until now.

Our original recipe features a 1:1 (fat:protein) ratio, formulated for all life stages and ideal for a maintenance, every day diet.

For dogs with higher fat needs, we doubled the healthy fats in our K.E.T.O Cube, with our innovative 2:1 (fat:protein) formula, to promote a deeper state of ketosis.

How to feed:

Formulated for therapeutic and supplemental use, many can start by feeding 1.75% of ideal body weightand adjust based on needs. We recommend partnering with a holistic or integrative veterinarian, and completely avoiding any non-keto treats or foods (ie. anything made with high starches, sugar or carbohydrates).

The best part? You don’t have to guess if the food is working. We urge you to measure the results, and share with your veterinarian. Testing your dog’s blood sugar and ketones at home is easy, and can be done with a glucose and ketone meter. We have found human meters work for testing at home (find one at your local pharmacy)!
Most dogs in ketosis will have blood sugars under 95mg/dL and Ketones greater than 0.3mM.


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