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Cheristin is a topical flea treatment for cats and available without a prescription. It provides fast-acting relief from flea infestations, killing fleas in 30 minutes with 98% – 100% of fleas killed in 12 hours, working faster than Frontline Plus and Advantage II. Unlike other flea treatments, Cheristin's low-volume dose is approved to use on kittens and cats over 1.8 lbs. and 8 weeks of age, making it a great addition to multi-cat households who don't want to keep track of multiple products. Cheristin is an easy-to-apply topical flea treatment with a non-greasy, quick-drying formula. Hold applicator tube in an upright position and open applicator tube by twisting the nozzle tip. Part the hair on your cat's neck at the base of the head until the skin is visible. Place the open tip of the tube directly above their skin and squeeze 2-4 times onto the skin. Discard the empty tube and in 30 minutes, fleas will begin dying. Cheristin is a trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.

  • Cheristin is a fast-acting topical flea treatment for cats
  • Starts to kill fleas in only 30 minutes, kills 98-100% of fleas in 12 hours
  • Convenient one-size-fits-all dose is good for all cats and kittens (1.8 lbs. and greater and 8 weeks of age and older) and a great addition to multi-cat households
  • Easy-to-apply from a small applicator with a rounded tip
  • Long-lasting (through 6-weeks) flea protection your cat deserve


Active Ingredients: Spinetoram 11.2% Other Ingredients: 88.8%



  • Remove one applicator tube from the blister package.
  • Hold the applicator tube in an upright position.
  • Press cap down until it clicks (indicating that the tube has been punctured). (See Figure 1.) Hold upright and remove cap. Check to be sure there is an opening at the tip of the tube.
  • Part the hair on the neck at the base of the head until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube directly above the skin and squeeze the tube 2-4 times to expel the contents of the tube directly on the skin. For best results, apply at the base of the head, not between shoulder blades. Avoid getting the product in your pet's eyes or mouth. Treatment at the base of the head will minimize the opportunity for the cat to directly lick the product. Do not allow your cat to ingest this product. (There may be a small residual remaining in the tube after a full dose is expelled).
  • Discard the empty applicator tube in the trash.

Do not allow your cat to ingest this product. For cats weighing over 20lbs, using more than 1 single dose is not advised. As with any product, consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals or animals known to be sensitive to pesticides. Monitor your cat after application. Side effects may include signs of application site reactions such as application site hair loss, hair change (greasy, clumping or matting) or redness, inflammation and itching. Other side effects such as inactivity, vomiting and inappetance have also been reported. If these or any other side effects occur, consult your veterinarian, your cat’s healthcare expert.



For use on cats and kittens only. For external use only. Do not use on kittens less than 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 1.8 lbs. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.


Important Information

Fleas rise to the top of your pet's coat as they die, so consider it a triumph if you start seeing more fleas at first, after treating your pet. If you’re still seeing fleas after application, it may be because your pet has picked up new fleas from the environment, which may include other pets, surfaces and outdoor areas. It may take up to 30 days to break the entire flea life cycle. Additionally, you should also treat sources of new fleas (i.e., carpet, yard, etc.) to ensure complete flea control.

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