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  • This dog puzzle toy invites your pup to sniff, paw and nibble his way to a tasty treat!
  • Interactive dog toys allow you to get in on playtime fun with your pooch.
  • The toy also doubles as a slow feeder device. When used at mealtime, it encourages fast eaters to slow down and avoid an upset stomach.
  • The treat toy is made from easy-to-clean, durable plastic, with BPA-free materials for improved longevity and convenience.
  • The turntable puzzle is a paw-fect way to entertain your favorite pup. It’s suitable for all ages, stages and breeds, so it’s the perfect gift for any dog lover.

Break the boredom for your disco doggie with the Brightkins DJ Turntable Puzzle Feeder Dog Toy. Your pup will spin, scratch, and snack his way toward an exciting evening as he happily searches for hidden treats in this two-in-one puzzle. It acts as a slow feeder or dynamic treat dispenser by enriching his day with an exciting new game. Plus, it provides a tasty treat when he discovers each mouth-watering morsel. Enjoy watching your lovable, curious fur kid search for where that enticing aroma is coming from. The toy is even more paw-fect, since it’s made from BPA-free materials that are easy to clean.

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