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A dog's health isn't solely a product of genetics, but of diet, environment, and lifestyle. We'll help you give your dog the best of everything. Decode breed mix, screen for health conditions, find relatives — all this and more with Embark!

For example, did you know some dogs have a genetic mutation that makes them sensitive to many commonly used drugs, including some anesthetics? Drug-sensitive dogs can experience symptoms ranging from diarrhea, lethargy, seizures — even a coma. With Embark, you'll know if your dog has drug sensitivities so you can avoid potentially dangerous medications.

All tests include:

  • Breed breakdown and confirmation
  • Ancestry and geographic origin
  • World's first canine relative finder
  • Support from genetic specialists

Health tests also include:

  • Genetic health screening
  • Personalized recommendations *if applicable
  • Trait insights
  • Genetic diversity measurement
  • Predicted adult weight
  • Send results directly to your veterinarian

Why Embark:

  • Research partners of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Developed by veterinarians

99% breed ancestry accuracy

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