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You always want your dinner to be as fresh as possible—why shouldn't your pet get the same courtesy? With the Vittles Vault Storage Bucket from Gamma2, you can effortlessly protect your BFF's meals from the elements and pests, just by safely storing his kibble. Designed to be top-of-the-line, these buckets come equipped with "Lock-Down" double gaskets to help prevent little critters from sneaking in. The easy-spin lid is airtight and heavy duty, too, which helps to stop food from going prematurely stale. Made from FDA-approved, food grade plastic and no BPAs, this Vittles Vault truly puts your pet's health first.


Key Benefits

  • Easy screw lid opening helps to ensure freshness without much effort, all in a BPA-free, food-grade plastic package.
  • Space-efficient and stackable design keeps these containers organized and easy to store.
  • Airtight seal keeps pests out and food fresh—your furbaby never has to settle for stale kibble again.
  • Keeps pet food odor contained in the vault to prevent smells from attracting other animals.
  • Includes a free measuring cup for precision feeding.



We recommend thoroughly washing and drying your Vittles Vault container regularly. Over time, oils absorb into the plastic, which can cause food to become rancid. When that happens, your furry friend won't want to eat it.



Product Dimensions Capacity
Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage Bucket 10 x 10 x 9.5 inches 2 gallons
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