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Indulge your feline with the ultimate catnip experience! Our Catnibas® King Size Meowy J's are made with the finest organic catnip then rolled in real RAW® papers for a unique twist that'll blow your kitty's mind! Craziness, fun, and happiness await your furry friend!

How to use:

Simply drop the joint on the floor for your cat to play with or break the J in half, sprinkle the 'nip, and watch your cat roll around in delight!

Ingredients/ Serving:

Approximately 6 sessions per pack - 6 grams of fine ground catnip (1g per joint) in RAW® papers.


Catnip can be given every other day to cats, but after a few minutes, its effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from the catnip for a while in order to experience a reaction again. Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old.

RAW® paper is made from natural plants and is naturally unbleached. Do not let your cat eat the paper or filter.

***Not for human consumption. This product does not contain Marijuana, THC or CBD.***

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