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Hook your kitty on the Meowijuana Refillable Get Smoked Catnip Fish Cat Toy. No need to fish around for any new toys because the durable construction will outlast hours of play, even with the feistiest of felines! Refill the toy again and again with organic Meowijuana catnip, a preservative and pesticide-free nip that is not only safe but delicious too. From energized youngsters to lounging seniors this powerful catnip will stimulate play for all your furry friends, encouraging a healthy lifestyle no matter the age! It’s truly the only fish in the sea for your best feline friend!


Key Benefits

  • Refill when you want because this plush fish is made for plenty of play.
  • Meowijuana catnip is 100 paw-scent natural and made from organic plants because artificial ingredients just won’t cut it for your fur friend!
  • Designed to relieve anxiety and boredom and to help keep weight down.
  • This hand-sifted catnip is free of rough bits and stems for unbeatable softness and cut.
  • Made in the USA.
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