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The Oxbow Chew Proof Glass Small Animal Water Bottle was made for your tough chewer. The durable glass was designed to be chew-proof and comes equipped with stainless steel construction and attachment hooks and clips for a secure grip on your pet’s habitat. Water consumption indicators and a floating level disc show you how much water your best bud is sipping. A drip-resistant sipper prevents less water from getting in your four-legged friend’s cage! This bottle is paw-fect for your guinea pig, rabbit or other small-sized sidekick.


Key Benefits

  • Check out the water consumption indicators to see how much your pet is drinking.
  • The drip-resistant sipper is great for messy drinkers.
  • Floater and volume markings are added bonuses.
  • Durable glass is made to stand up to your tough chewer.
  • Flat siding and attachment hooks keep the bottle in place.



Size Dimensions
16-OZ 2.64 x 3.5 x 13.5 inches
32-OZ 3.54 x 4 x 14 inches
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