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Give the Oxbow Crazy Shakers Small Animal Chew Toy a little shake and watch your four-legged friend scurry over with curiosity. These 100% pet-safe toys help enrich your guinea pig’s life with interactive play that’s meant to excite and engage. Each shaker is totally chewable and is made of a variety of fun textures that are bound to keep your best bud interested for nibble after nibble. Help nurture your small sidekick’s mind and body through an instinctual accessory that encourages tons of squealing delight. The Crazy Shakers are also great for your rabbit or other small animal.


Key Benefits

  • Watch your guinea pig safely nibble and gnaw at the mixture of neat textures.
  • The shaking sound will surely keep your best bud interested.
  • An innovative design was created to meet your pet’s instinctual needs.
  • Encourage mental and physical enrichment that any small furry friend can benefit from.
  • No need to worry, this toy was made with safe, natural materials.
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