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Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Limestone is an all-natural calcium supplement used to increase eggshell strength for laying poultry.

Calcium is included in all layer feeds; however, different breeds require varying amounts. By offering free choice, your flock members will take what they need when they need it.

In addition, if a calcium deficiency occurs, birds will pull from their skeletal system leading to poor health – let’s not let that happen! Supplementing calcium is an easy way to ensure strong eggshells and a strong, healthy flock.

Cluckin' Good Oyster Shell is another great source of calcium, but difficult to source. Cluckin’ Good Limestone is a premium alternative for your flock.


Pure Limestone

Feeding Information:

Offer free choice to your laying flock as a calcium supplement for increased eggshell strength.

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