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These marrow bones are sliced from a beef shank bone, with some marrow in the center. They marrow bones are slow roasted with trace amounts of liquid smoke for additional flavor.

Chew Time: This is a very long lasting chew.

Why We Love It

  • Health Benefits: Marrow is an excellent source of healthy fats such as monounsaturated fatty acids, which is good for heart health (when eaten in moderation).
  • Bones are one of the longest lasting natural chews out there, especially when compared to the price point.
  • Dogs find the marrow as well as the surrounding bits of meat and tendon irresistible, so it's a great recommendation for those picky dogs.
  • This bone is sourced from a weight bearing bone, so it will not splinter like a rib bone. Weight bearing bones are extremely dense and not recommended for dogs with underlying dental problems.



1": Small dogs under 20lbs
4": Medium to large adult dogs under 40lbs
7": Large dogs

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